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Company specialized for designing and configuring interiors has been in business since 1995. The company is actively participating in planning, designing and performing exhibition stands on all event types, in the country and abroad. In order to completely satisfy the needs and specifications received from our customers, exhibition stands are created from all types of constructive elements and materials. The projects are unique, as well as the results in interior solutions. To fully meet the customers needs, we also offer graphic design, digital print and printing in big formats, on all types of surfaces. Besides that, we are specialized in analyzing customer’s branding standards and respecting them in our configurations, but at the same offering a new view of well known branding. Our solutions are done in compliance with both customer’s wishes and space specifications.

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3d modeling

See your exhibition space in advance.

Unique design

Exhibition space made by specific requirements from our customers.

Octanorm system

Exhibition space made with OCTANORM construction.

Commercial materials

Construction of illuminated displays, totems and various commercial products made with plexy glass.


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Furniture construction

Furnishing residential and business spaces. Custom made furniture.

About us

Ideas and solutions are created for most demanding customers that seek for a unique and functional exhibition and promotion. All parameters are in compliance with the customer’s core business and the products that need to be presented in the best manner. The costs are also variable and the projects are done in the way to be displayed in different types of events. Therefore, each project contains several modules, depending on the upcoming event.

3d modeling


Octanorm construction


Commercial materials


Unique design



20 years of experience in colaboration with our clients


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